Truckaligner II

Wheel Alignment System

The Truckaligner system has been developed for the measurement and adjustment of all wheel angles on heavy vehicles and is now also available in a PC version.

It allows for a high degree of automation so that the technician can quickly and simply measure the vehicle. The quality of the alignment process can be checked step by step.

The system is also adapted for twin steering axles and vehicle combinations like articulated buses.

Truckaligner II

Together with turntable and play detectors, the PC/handheld computer, measuring heads, wheel adapter, frame gauges, and target scales constitute a complete set of equipment for advanced and precise wheel alignment.

All wireless communication takes place with Bluetooth® technology.

  • All the wheel angles can be measured without reference points on the floor.
  • Self-instructing menu system with help functions.
  • Automatic compensation for an uneven floor or non-level axle with an electronic level.
  • Quick readouts of results during adjusting and measuring process.
  • Battery-operated units which have wireless communication gives added flexibility.
  • Graphic as well as text-based depiction and printout of all wheel angles before and during adjustments.
  • A special program for twin steer axles and articulated buses

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