Homebase 3

JOSAM homebase 3 is the software platform for all of Josam’s wheel alignment systems. Each measuring system has its own plug-in to be used in JOSAM homebase 3.

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General Features

  • New report layout and a new report engine
  • The wheels are graphically turned into different positions in the report sheet print outs. The lines are replaced with these new illustrations
  • All plug-ins are to be found in the same graphical user interface: JOSAM truckaligner II, 180, i-track plus a new plug-in/software for JOSAM laser AM which replaces JOSAM communicator for wheel alignment part
  • Updated help files
  • Remote help

Laser AM plug-in features

  • Possibility to input your values graphically
  • Support while adjusting
  • On screen help when to measure camber, KPI, caster, TOOT and max turn
  • Support for twin-steer with/without play
  • Run-out guide, a step by step function with calculation included

I-track plug-in features

  • Support of all vehicle types with scales placed in the workshop
  • Now can you measure all types of vehicles with same speed as with trucks
  • Support for the trailer beam
  • New method for fast measuring of articulated vehicles
  • Support for mobile measuring with scales on vehicle
  • Use trailer beam to check that your workplace is correct – fast and accurate
  • Measure truck and semi-trailer together in one measuring