Electronic Stethoscope - STE 4

The STE4 electronic stethoscope is designed to help locate the source of excess bearing and machine noise easily at low cost. It is an ideal easy to use listening device for mechanical generated noise in all types of applications.

The 3.5mm jack socket tape output on this electronic stethoscope can also be fed into an audio tape recorder to store the data for either further analysis or as a reference for future comparison.

An ideal easy-to-use listening device for mechanically generated noise in all types of applications.

Electronic Stethoscope - STE 4
  • Piezo Transducer
  • Ear defender headset
  • Two probes - 70mm & 300mm
  • Digital volume control - 32 steps
  • Power On indicator
  • 30 hrs continuous use (typical)
  • Jack socket output for recording
  • Low battery indication
  • UK manufactured
Maintenance Tool

The new STE4 is ideal for checking abnormal operational machinery noise levels when setting up routine maintenance plans.

Recording Data

The jack socket output is designed to be fed into an Audio Tape Recorder to store data for further analysis.

Contact Probes

Two lengths of contact probe are supplied, 70mm for normal use and 300mm to give access to more difficult locations.


New Peltor headset is included, designed to minimise background sounds in high noise environments.