CV Aligner

CV Aligner

The JOSAM CV-Aligner wheel alignment system uses the centerline principle to determine the position of axles and individual wheels in relation to the centerline of the vehicle.

The system is designed to measure commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles.

Wheel angles like

  • Toe, steering box position, camber, out of square, parallelism and axle offset
  • Caster, KPI, Toe Out On Turns and max turn are measured using our patented camera technology with the chassis center line of the vehicle as reference.

Enabled by the unique rolling method, toe and camber measurements may be taken while the vehicle is in driving position. No lifting of the axles with run-out compensation is required, alternatively the system can also be operated with standard run-out procedure. Wireless technology is used for transmitting data between measuring units and the computer. The computer software guides the user through the measuring process and prints out measurement reports of values, before and after alignment.

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