D160 - BTA Digital

Belt Alignment System


D160 Belt Alignment System

Easy-Laser® D160 has a separate detector unit and display unit. This means you can read and follow the alignment from where you are standing and making adjustments.

When aligning with the Easy-Laser® BTA you reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals as well as reducing vibration. The accuracy of the digital readout means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result.

  • Read off alignment results continuously where the adjustment is made
  • Much faster and more accurate than measuring with earlier, conventional methods
  • The adjustment values are always displayed live
  • Alignment can be made by one operator
  • Also suitable for non-magnetic sheaves
  • Fits almost any kind of sheave
  • Connects to Easy-Laser® D-series shaft alignment systems; save and document the results using printouts or transfer to a PC
  • Shows the parallel and angular misalignment between the sheaves with digital precision


Easy-Laser® BTA is attached in a few seconds (magnets) with the laser transmitter on one of the sheaves and the detector on the other. The transmitter generates a laser plane parallel to the reference sheave. The detector reads the position in relation to the laser plane and provides a live digital display of both offset and angular value. This makes the alignment of the adjustable machine very simple. The accuracy of the digital readout also means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result. The separate display unit makes it all even easier, as you can read off and follow the adjustment at the precise point on the machine where the adjustment is made. The display is also backlit for optimum visibility in poor lighting conditions.


Easy-Laser® BTA is attached to the side of the sheave/pulley and not to the belt groove. This means it is just as easy to adjust v-belt, flat belt and timing belt pulleys as chain wheels. The clever design of the anchor plate/reference surface ensures hassle-free alignment of both large and small sheaves/pulleys."