Main Features

CT6 Tachometers

The Concorde CT6 series of Hand-Held Tachometers are available in a variety of models to suit most applications, with large Bright LED displays and a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 1 metre or with a Laser system with a range up to 2 metres for enhanced optical performance. These hand-held Tachometers have facilities for both Optical and Contact measurements.

Standard Optical System

Optical Range 50 - 1000mm
Optical angle +/- 45 deg.

Laser Optical System

  • Optical Range 50 - 2000mm
  • Optical angle +/- 80 deg.
  • Certificate of calibration supplied.

Key Features

  • Bright LED Display
  • Very wide speed range
  • Long Optical Range
  • Last reading hold & recall memory
  • Additional Count & Times modes
  • Range of contact adaptors for rpm & linear rate
  • External input for remote optical sensors is standard
  • Wide range of accessories