E720 - Wireless / Point laser

Alignment Systems & Solutions


Easy-Laser® E720 is the all-in-one alignment solution for the maintenance technician and millwright. It does not just give you all the functions for shaft alignment, it also gives the opportunity to check the machine base and levelness. ​

Machine set-up most often starts with the foundation. If the foundation is level and flat you will have less problems with the rest of the installation and alignment of the machine. With Easy-Laser® E720 you not only get all the functions and features for the alignment of the machine, but also possibilities to perform the following:

  • Measure the flatness of the foundation
  • Check plane parallelism for several surfaces on large machines
  • Measure flatness for a single machine foot support surface
  • Align the foundation level and plumb
  • Align pipes straight and square

The measuring units included with system E720 uses point laser and PSD technology. This is the reason it can be used in so many more places in your operations than just to align the shafts of rotating machinery.

E720 - Wireless System

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • 3 year warranty gives assurance
  • Fast service and support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low overall costs during the entire lifecycle of the product, for example servicing, accessories, etc.
  • Endurio™ Power management system.
  • Expandable with a wide range of accessories. Adapt to your needs, now and in the future.

With Easy-Laser® E720 we include our very versatile laser transmitter D22, and all geometric apps. With this measurement system you can perform almost any kind of machine set-up and quality check:

  • Check the base flatness and twist
  • Measure straightness of pipes and shafts
  • Check bearing play
  • Measure the machine
  • Check vibration level
  • Check soft foot
  • Align the machine
  • Document the results


Measurement System & Programs

Programs for Horizontal machines, Soft foot checks, Machine trains, Vertical/flange mounted and Cardan/offset mounted machines are included. Furthermore programs for Straightness, Flatness/Twist, Level and Parallelism measurement are included, to mention just a few. Using accessories you can also align sheaves/pulleys with digital precision and check vibration levels. No other system on the market can offer this flexibility! Large, clear colour screen, wireless measuring units, long operating life and robust design give a measurement system that is both reliable and easy to use.



When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result. With Easy-Laser® E720 you can measure all types of rotating machine, large and small, equally well, regardless of shaft diameter.

Wireless measuring units (laser/detector) enable you to work more freely. The measurement values can be registered with only 40° rotation of the shafts. You can then align it ”live” using the measuring units in any position around the shaft. The programs guide you step-by-step through the measuring procedure for the perfect measuring result.

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