Dc 21 Vibration Analyzer

Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector
The DC-21 is a fully digital, two channel, spectrum analyzer and data collector. It is intended to make:

Condition monitoring and diagnostics measurements:

  • Time wave form (oscilloscope mode)
  • Vibration levels in different frequency bands according to ISO standards,
  • RMS, true peak, peak-peak
  • Peak factor
  • Autospectra
  • Envelope spectra selected from multiple band pass filters
  • Rotation speed
  • Amplitude and phase of rotation speed and its harmonics
  • Long duration time signal recording
Rotor balancing (optional)

  • 1, 2, or 3 plane balancing
  • 8 measurement points
  • Balancing using known influence coefficients without trial runs
  • Utilities for calculation of trial weights, summing, and splitting weights
  • Balancing at multiple operating speeds
Test diagnostics

  • RPM/amplitude/phase characteristics during machine run-up/coast down (up to 16 channels simultaneously with optional multiplexer)
  • Modal analysis, resonant frequencies, logarithmic decrement (damping coefficient) for certain frequencies (optional)
  • Shaft alignment shim calculation from the results of measurements with sensors or from dial indicators (optional)

  • Light weight portable data collector
  • Full route capabilities
  • Accepts inputs from charge and ICP® accelerometers, voltage sensors, clamp-on current sensors, TTL tacho probes and other sensors
  • Transducer signal audio output to earphones
  • Internal power supply for tacho probe
  • Simple, six button operation
  • On-line context sensitive help system
  • Full screen spectrum display during and after measurements, cursor function
  • Digital Signal Processing technology enables fast download of setups and easy firmware upgrades
  • Host computer software for route or database loading and unloading and data analysis is included.
  • Optional software packages for balancing and condition diagnostics
  • Data communication and messaging via external modem