Simalube - Impulse

Simalube Impulse Pressure Booster

Simalube Impulse

Simalube IMPULSE is the perfect complement to the tried-and-tested simalube lubricator – wherever high pressure is required. Simply affix the simalube IMPULSE to the lubrication point, then screw on and activate the desired simalube lubricator. That is all it takes to overcome counterpressures of up to 145 psi. No further adjustments need to be made to the device. The LED display provides information at all times on the condition and functionality of the simalube IMPULSE.

  • Function monitoring via LED display
  • Modular and reusable
  • Gentle on all lubricants
  • Easy to use

The new simalube IMPULSE can be used with 60, 125 and 250 ml standard simalube sizes.

Product Automatic pressure booster for the simalube lubricator
Drive system Electromechanical
Power supply Battery pack, 6 V2.3 Ah Battery pack for low temperatures, 6 V2.9 Ah
Dispensing volume 0.02 fl. oz. per stroke
Working pressure Up to 145 psi
Operating temperature 14 °F to 131 °F
Time setting 1 to 12 months – determined by the setting on the simalube
Lubrication rate
Depends on the size and settings of the simalube:0.01 to 0.28 fl. oz./day
Lubricator volume 60 ml, 125 ml or 250 ml
Lubricant Greases up to NLGI 2 or oils
Installation position Any
Connection thread G ¼"(with integrated non-return valve)
Housing dimensions Ø 2.32 × 3.35 in
Housing material (PET semitransparent)
Weight 846.6 oz.
Protection rating IP68 (dust- and waterproof)
Warranty & period of use 3 years from the production date or until 10 simalube lubricators(125 ml) have been emptied
Storage Recommended at 68 °F (+/–41 °F). Protect against sunlight and store in a dry place(<65% humidity)