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Compressed air is one of the most expensive kind of power supplies.

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Compressed Air Leak Detector

The LEAK-DETECT represents the highest technology for pinpointing leaks in air systems. The easy and professional way to reduce energy costs. LEAK-DETECT finds any gas disappearing out of a pressure system . Anywhere :in tubes, couplings, valves, sealings, packings, etc.

Any gas disappearing out of a pressure system is a leakage which generates a sound. The sound of small leaks is mostly ultrasonic. Humans cannot hear it because the frequency is above the human hearing range. The LEAK-DETECT receives the ultrasonic sound that escapes from the leak point, processes it, and displays its strength. The larger the leak, the higher the indication. In addition to the display, the electronic generates an audio leak sound for the ear phones.

How Does it work?

Audio leak sound for the ear phone. The intensity of the sound will vary proportionally to the distance of the source. The intensity of the sound helps to trace out the source. The ultrasonic source is the location of the leak. The advantage of the ultrasonic detection is that there is no interference with any other background acoustic noise.

What is it good for ?

Pinpointing leaks in compressed air and pneumatic systems, LEAK DETECT checks leakage - check of air-brakes, tubes, pipes, hoses and their armature, check of the injection process in Diesel motors, check of Corona effects in electric coils and high voltage cables e.g. sparkling in defective isolations, check of the tightness in valves and steam tubes check of oxygen plugs in hospitals.

Technical data

Power Supply 9 V block battery or 9V Block-Accu
Size 230 x 70 x 50 mm
Probe 113 mm, an external probe with 280 mm or a telescope , maximum length = 3,0 m
Weight ca. 500 Gramm
Housing ABS
Size of the Case 350 x 450 x 120 mm
Operation Principle Ultrasonic Receiver
Exit 10 LED bargraph and ear phone
Standard Equipment Case, detector and ear phone

Optional equipment

  • Ultrasonic transmitter for the leakage check of cabins of cars or airplanes or refrigerators etc.
  • Second probe with cable and telescope for far distance detection.
  • Accu-charger 9 V.

Belt tension meter

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Hilger & Kern Trummeter

TRUMMETER is a Belt Tension meter Measuring Instrument recisely tensioned belts reduce belt and ball bearing wear.

The TRUMMETER belt tension meter measuring instrument has replaced the thumb as the method used to measure the tension of taut drive belts.

Not only because it is no longer up to date, but because it is far too imprecise. What's more, you can't really record and certify thumb pressure in accordance with ISO standards. You can, however, record the measurement results gained using the TRUMMETER in accordance with DIN

EN ISO 9001 ff: the TRUMMETER measures the natural frequency of a stationary, taut belt that has been tapped to make it oscillate and displays this frequency in hertz. At the same time, the strand force is calculated in newtons and also displayed. These results can be recorded in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.

The measurement results can be displayed in different languages. The scope of delivery includes the measuring instrument and the light sensor, packaged in a practical carrying case.