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Easy-Laser Measurement & Alignment Systems

Easy-Laser alignment system are easy to use and must for every maintenance box.

ETI - Manufacturer of Infrared, Digital Thermometer

ETI is one of the largest manufacturer of infrared, digital thermometer for most application.

Vibration Measurement Instruments

VMI manufactures vibration and monitoring equipment for reliable machinery analysis.

Time Group - Manufactuers of NDT Testing Instruments

TIME Group majors in manufacturing of high quality NDT Testing Instruments.

Josam - Wheel Alignment Systems Developer

Josam is the leading developer of wheel alignment systems , frame straightening & correction equipment for heavy vehicles.

Posilock Line of Puller Sets
Posilock line of Puller sets are safe ,easy, convenient and quick to use.
Hilger & Kern Precision Instruments

H & K manufactures precision instruments for belt tension & leak detection device for compressed air system.

Heibei Botou - Non-sparking Safety Hand Tools

Heibei Botou offers complete range of non-sparking safety hand tools for explosive environment.

Leak Shooter

The dual possibility of ultrasonic detection with a visible image enables you for the first time to see on a large LCD screen the precise location of air and vacuum leaks, partial discharges, etc…

Prisma Teknik - DEC Tester

Prisma Teknik is a pioneer in Diesel engine deflection gauge,Cylinder ovality checker & DEC Tester.

Buslift - Mobile Lift Specialist for Truck, Buses, Trams, Trains

Buslift is a mobile lift specialist for Heavy duty truck, buses, trams, trains, etc.

Simatec - Automatic Lubricators Simalubes

Simatec smart technologies offers you automatic Lubricators Simalubes,Simatherm Induction Heaters, Simatool mounting and dismounting Tools.

Compact Speed Measuring Instruments, Stroboscope & Sthethoscopes

Compact is the Leader in speed measuring instruments, stroboscope & sthethoscopes.

Welcome to Tribotech

Tribotech establish in 1995 is one of the leading distributor for maintenance products for trouble free operation in todays demanding industry. We represent world known companies like Easy-Laser Ab, Easy-Laser measurement and alignment system.


We at Tribotech have grown over the past 10 years on basis of good quality products from our overseas supplier supported by able service back in India. To our reputed clients.